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About us

Bostadsbolaget has more than 24,000 flats, making it one of Sweden’s biggest public benefit housing companies. Bostadsbolaget offers accommodation in the form of rental units and everyone has the same right and ­opportunity to apply for accommodation. Bostadsbolaget is represented in most of the neighbourhoods in the city of Gothenburg. You can find our areas here (in Swedish).

Who gets the flat?
Our available flats are offered to persons covered by a cooperation agreement with the municipality, current tenants and external applicants via Boplats.

Priority order for available flats
• flat profile, for example home for elderly
• registration time at Boplats or length of current tenancy if you are an ­existing tenant and apply for another flat with Bostadsbolaget.

Current tenant

1. Register at www.bostadsbolaget.se to access My pages
Fill in your personal number and the object number, which you can find on your rent invoice.

2. Log in
When you have finished your registration, log in to My Pages. On My Pages, you can, among others, create a fault report, see rent invoices and apply for available flats.

3. Apply for a flat
Flats for current tenants can be found at Omflyttningsplatsen. You can apply for three flats per publication, so only apply for those that meet your requirements.

4. Attend the viewing
If you meet the selection profile for the flat, you may be offered a viewing. The offer will be sent by email and will also be available on My pages. If you do not reply in time or decline five offers, you will not be able to apply for another flat for six months.

To change flat, you must have lived in your current flat for at least 12 months without ­complaints. If several tenants apply for the same flat, the person who has lived in his/her current flat the longest will be offered the flat first.

Sub-tenancy agreements do require permission from Bostadsbolaget as well as changing flats directly with another tenant. Sub-tenancy agreements without permission can lead to notice of cancellation of the leasing agreement.

Not a tenant

1. Register at boplats.se
You must be 17 years old at the time of registration and 18 years old to apply for a flat. The annual fee is 100 SEK.

When you register, you need to enter your accommodation requirements: the area in which you wish to live, size of flat, etc. Your requirements will be matched with the available flats.

2. Apply for a flat
You must apply for the flat yourself. The applicant who meet the selection profile and has been registered at Boplats the longest will be offered the flat first.

3. Attend the viewing
If you meet the selection profile for the flat, you may be offered a viewing. The offer will be sent to the email address you´ve entered when you registered. Attend the viewing – it is a good opportunity to ask questions about the flat as well as the common areas.

4. Accept or decline
The next step is to accept or decline the offer. Do so within the specified time via your my pages at boplats.se. This lets Bostadsbolaget know that you would like to enter a tenancy agreement if you are offered one. If you decline or don´t respond to six offers during a six month period you won´t be able to apply for a flat during the following six months. However, you won´t lose your collected days if you´ve paid the fee.

5. Sign the agreement
If you enter a tenancy agreement, your registration date on Boplats will be reset.

Your registration date at Boplats serves as queuing time, i.e the number of days you´ve been registered.

New in Sweden?

Do you wonder how housing works in Sweden? Learn more about Sweden in your language. Visit www.informationsverige.se


For more information on renting at Bostadsbolaget contact one of our ­letting agents at +46 31-731 50 00 or info@bostadsbolaget.se.